Untethered Spirits Farm, custom horse breeding and training

Untethered Spirits Farm, custom horse breeding and trainingUntethered Spirits Farm, custom horse breeding and training

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Our Facility

Our stable consists of 2 barns, several large paddock areas with shelters, and divided areas of open pasture for turnout, riding, or spending time with the horses. We provide custom horse breeding and training services integrated with personal development and personal resilience programs. We have a small outdoor training arena for ground work and foundation training. The barns are set up for mares and foals, with 16 x 16 foaling stalls and 12 x 16 stalls or individual paddocks for horses requiring special care. All horses have access to shelter in inclimate weather. We provide overnight stalls for geriatric  horses in our care, or full time stall board for any horse requiring special care.  All of the horses have access to shelter when needed, and are fed a high quality diet of free choice grass hay, free choice grass minerals and salt.  Grain and supplements are fed based on the individual needs of each horse to provide them with the utmost in nutritional support.  Our horses are under the watchful care of our dedicated barn staff on a 24/7 basis.


Our Services

We offer small scale boarding, custom sport horse breeding and training services through private treaty. We produce only a few foals a year.  Our mares are very well bred, representing some of the most successful Hanoverian, Oldenburg, Holsteiner and Dutch Warmblood bloodlines in the world.


It is very important to us not to over breed, and instead to balance our breeding program by providing rehabilitation services for injured or traumatized horses, and housing for rescue horses to the extent that space allows.


Services include:

- Custom Breeding and Consulting Services

- Pregnant Mare Care

- Foaling Services

- Mare and Foal Boarding

- Young Horse Boarding in Small Groups 

- Foundation training for foals and young horses

- Rehabilitation services for injured or traumatized horses

- Medicine Horse Clinics

- Personal  Development Coaching

- Individual Sessions with the Horses

Contact Toni at 970-646-3438 or via email: tbearepetersen@gmail.com for more information.



Horse Medicine Clinics

*** Dates for 2020 are still pending***

Untethered Spirits Farm is proud to host "The Colorado Experience" , a series of Horse Medicine Clinics presented 

- in collaboration with -

 Ginny Jablonski, Animal Communicator and Equine Medicine Facilitator and Owner at Heart of the Horse


- and -

 Stephanie Johnson, Equine Wellness Practitioner and Owner at True North Equine Wellness 


- featuring -

The Medicine Horse Herd at Untethered Spirits Farm

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Winston Churchill put it this way...

" There's something about the outside of a horse that's good for the inside of a man. " 

But it goes much deeper than that.

Studies on heart rate variability (HRV) conducted by The Institute of Heartmath have demonstrated that horses have a naturally "coherent" heart beat, and that spending time interacting with horses, or even just being in the presence of horses can have a profound healing effect on humans.

There is an extensive body of neuropharmaceutical research supporting the existence of a molecular basis of emotion, and the measurement of the flow of energy through the body in response to emotion.  

The Institute of Heartmath has measured the electromagnetic energy surrounding and emanating from the human heart. They have demonstrated that Heart Rate Variability is linked to cognitive performance. They have further demonstrated that heartbeat coherence is linked to an emotional state of wellbeing. 

The horses are masters at showing us how we can access and maintain a state of balance, harmony and freedom of spirit  like a horse. This is so important to be able to stay grounded and at peace, as we live in today's complex and chaotic world. The horses have messages for all of us through their unwritten and unspoken word.


Hi, I'm Toni, with a very special mare, Pure Poetry.

Pure Poetry, one of our foundation mares,  has been part of the herd since 2005.  A strikingly beautiful, sensitive yet kind, elegant black Hanoverian mare, by Pablito (Pablo), out of a Kalypso mare (a descendent of Bold Ruler), Pure Poetry has produced some very talented offspring.

When I decided to start our breeding program, I was initially focused on creating the best possible combinations of bloodlines to produce upper level sport horse prospects. However, I noticed right away that there was something very unique about these animals. They had such a noble presence about them, and when I went down to the barn, any stress I may have been experiencing was suddenly a thing of the past.  

In their presence, I couldn't help but be 100% focused and 100% present, and I could feel a remarkable shift in energy.

  Granted, being focused on the horses was a good idea from a safety perspective, but there was something else going on that I couldn't identify.  An unexplainable feeling of calm came over me each time I was near the horses.  I was drawn to them for reasons I couldn't easily explain. 

 (continued below, "Horses Guiding the Way")


The Performance Connection

In this photo, Fran Latane-Lukehart of Lillicrest farm in Osseo, Wisconsin, is riding her horse "Tempi", one of Pure Poetry's daughers. Fran and Tempi are  a perfect match for each other!

For any horse that I breed, my number one priority is finding that forever home, the best possible owner for that horse. It is extremely important that horse and rider are  matched as perfectly as possible. For a successful outcome for both horse and rider, the individual horse's temperament and athletic ability much align with it's rider's. 

The Performance Connection? It comes from the heart.

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Horses Guiding the Way

  I have spent most of my working career as a healthcare clinical systems analyst, mostly living and working in focused analytical mode, often under considerable pressure in a corporate, fast paced environment.   Sound familiar?  Maybe to some of you.

The experience with the horses started me on a path to learn as much as I could about the effects of horses on humans. I wanted to know...why do the horses make me feel this way?  What's really going on here? 

In the process of my research, I discovered the practice of Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL):  An experiential training method, where facilitators create a safe space for people to interact with horses, not necessarily in a riding context.

As I attended different clinics, I was fascinated with the impact the horses were having on people - in so many cases it was a transformational and often life changing experience.  

I began to read every book I could find on the subject, because  I really wanted to understand how and why the horses have this unique ability to heal and inspire the human soul.   

All these questions led me first to Linda Kohanov's ranch, where I studied in her Apprenticeship Program in 2011 to become an Approved Eponaquest Instructor.  I later obtained certification as a Heartmath Mentor and Coach,  learning about the organization's fascinating research in heart rate variability (HRV), and the power of the coherent heart, accessible using a very simple approach. 

I have watched countless videos, representing the work of some of the world's most gifted horsemen and horsewomen, and have spent hours and hours with my own horses. Inspired by a documentary produced by Stormy May, "The Path of the Horse", I pursued advanced training with Carolyn Resnick and Nancy Zintsmaster at Carolyn's ranch in Escondido, CA  learning and practicing Carolyn's method of training horses at liberty, a wonderfully inspiring experience which honors the spirit and freedom of the horse.  We train horses only after building authentic relationships with them based on trust, honesty and respect to create focused, willing equine partners. Our foundation training at Untethered Spirits Farm is based in part on Carolyn's philosophy and methods of training. I later attended a week long intensive taught by Madison Shambaugh (aka "Mustang Maddy") who works at liberty with wild mustangs who have been rounded up by the BLM and other horses who have been deemed untrainable - and she turns them into willing riding partners. 

The work of these clinicians is an inspiration, and so is the work of so many others  - Mark Rashid, Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, and all the dedicated sport horse trainers, riding instructors and rescue organizations who work tirelessly seeking to do the right thing by their horses as well as for their students.

   I am absolutely passionate about the ways horses and humans can help each other, so much so that I'm driven to share my experiences and the experiences of others with horse facilitated programs on the farm that provide clients with practical ways to find the "calm amidst the storm" in life, and access their intuition, informed by the wisdom of the heart. 



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